You Matter – We Will Keep You Moving & Connected

Is a free service for older adults & individuals at high risk from Covid-19.

On hearing the news regarding isolation for older adults & those individuals at risk Michelle's concerns went to thinking about the health & wellbeing of these individuals; 12 weeks is a long time and if anyone does not move in that time the decrease in health will be significant and other medical conditions could become prevalent or increase the prevalence as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

With this in mind Michelle set to work & came up with the idea of this Campaign. She has been so pleased with the generosity and willingness from the tutoring team & learners from The Core Academy plus the instructor team at Upbeat Heart Support who have kindly offered to supply home movement sessions with the aim to keep everyone moving & connected.

Michelle said 'I cannot thank everyone enough who has contributed and offering to contribute in the near future. Together we are stronger and can provide much material. I truly hope this is just the start and as more and more come on board we will keep adding to the pre recorded collection and organise some live exercise sessions'.

Please note: All videos will be with fitness professionals who hold or are working towards specific qualifications (chair, independent older adult, exercise referral & cardiac rehab). Many fitness professionals are also running live sessions, you can find their details on the website & the Facebook Group.

Please invite others & SHARE the Youtube link below. We also have a separate Facebook Group. Youtube

Facebook Group

Stay well, stay safe, stay connected.

To contact Michelle to discuss getting involved with the Campaign, to receive future updates or if you are interested to run a story, can help publicise the service please contact her.

Michelle Programme Manager W. Mobile 07725582817 E.


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