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The Core Academy at the weekend had our external verifier Jess from YMCA Awards carry out an inspection. We are so pleased to report the recorded risk rating for Management Systems, Tutor & Assessor Competences, Quality Assurance, Assessment Practice & Resources were low risk, this is the best possible rating!

What does this mean?

We are recognised for our high quality teaching, assessing, our commitment to ensuring standards are met. We are passionate to support our learners & build their confidence within this continually growing but also competitive industry.

What did our learners say about the learner weekend?

1. 'The team are very experienced in what they do, very pleased I m under their tutorship, a great weekend, the time flew'.

2. 'Enjoyed interacting with all the learners, the encouragement from the tutors has given me lots of confidence'.

3. 'Thank you for the continued support, enjoyed putting theory into practise, it has helped my confidence in my ability'.

The YMCA Awards was the first awarding body to change its syllabus to fulfil the changes set out by CIMSPA. Please see the article attached. Michelle Jermy (Programme Manager) for The Core Academy took the new syllabus & set to work to devise a comprehensive scheme of work to support learners, including, learner weekends, (a special thank you to Snap Fitness Thetford for allowing us to host our weekend here - local businesses supporting each other, much appreciated), workshops, an online platform plus private Facebook groups for learner interaction. Michelle has been accredited with YMCA Awards for over 10 years & with a lecturing background is confident to cross reference standards but also ensuring learners enjoy an enriching experience. Over the following months you will get to learn more about the team & the roles they play.

Interested in becoming a personal trainer please contact. If you work in specialised exercise (special populations) please check out our qualification list & professional development options.

Coming soon; dates for the tutoring & assessing, love this industry? Have years of experience? Why not drive to keep standards high? Train to teach/assess (taught & online options available); interview to check suitability.

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