Learner Clinics

Those working in health & fitness know the importance of having a plan to reach goals, if you are a fitness enthusiast you know just attending a gym or multiple classes won't help you achieve if you are not clear on what it is you want.

When you study the same principles apply. You must have a plan, you must set goals otherwise time runs away, 'life' means the tasks you have set move further and further down the priority list. You must always revisit why did I sign up?, what will this qualification give me? Find your drive, your motivation and very often the thought of doing it is much worse than just getting on with it!

Here at The Core Academy we have all had to juggle, work, family, study. The industry is renowned for working hours here there and everywhere. Planning is essential.

Our learner clinics get you back on track, allow you to breathe, appreciate what you have achieved and give you the kick to push on and complete. I use on the learners a system I use on myself, you have to get strict but it gets finished!

This Friday is our last learner clinic of 2019! In 2020 we welcome new learners on board and have our first practical weekend of 2020 Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd Feb. If you are interested in a career in the health and fitness industry please contact us to discuss the qualifications we have available.

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