Don’t Stop Learning

Jan 20, 2022

The Importance of Professional Development 

So you qualify in the fitness industry, level 3 Personal Trainer, level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor, level 2 Chair Based Leader, what next?

For some individuals NOTHING! The signs of a good instructor, someone passionate for the industry is their investment in their own professional development. When people ask me why am I doing another course, 'surely you have enough qualifications?', or 'but you know so much already'. The answer is simple; development happens from peers, tutors, experiences, I love learning. To simply hear the latest research, sometimes to meet other enthusiast individuals lights me up, maybe just to brush off a few cobwebs &/or refresh my knowledge. I personally feel my love of being a student helps me as a tutor & assessor. 

Dont get complacent. Though finances have be taken into account, know you are reinvesting in your future. The more tools you have the better equipped to support your clients safely & effectively. 

Here at The Core Academy we have devised a number of inexpensive workshops which give you the opportunity to meet like minded individuals & number of qualifications that all carry REPs & CIMPSA points.

What would you like to learn more about? Or have you been considering expanding your current fitness offerings? Feel free to drop us a message to discuss your options and the payment plans available.